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About The Documentary

"When The Dogs Left" (WTDL) is a documentary film Executive Produced and Directed by University of Georgia Alumna, Beauty Muñozwhich tells of a 50 year legacy at the flagship university of the state of Georgia. Not only does this film celebrate UGA Alums like Nawanna Lewis Miller and students who came after her, this historic film also celebrates the brave, trailblazing UGA Black students who came before in the early 1960s.  One of such foundational UGA Alumna is University of Georgia desegregation pioneer, Dr. Mary Frances Early, the first African American to ever earn a degree from the University of Georgia.  The pair actually graduated from the same Henry McNeal Turner High School in Atlanta, Georgia several years apart, Early in 1953 and Miller in 1969. 



Dr. Mary Frances Early Interview - UGA Hugh Hodgson Hall

Asst. Dir. Candace Haynes and Prod. Coor. Cierra Thompson - GPB/PBS Studios
Victor Wilson - Athena Studios
KD Bryant - GPB/PBS Studios
Rev. Yvonne Shinhoster Lamb - Athena Studios
Dr. Mary Frances Early (The 1st African American ever to earn a degree from UGA) - UGA Hugh Hodgson
Cierra Thompson - GPB/PBS Studios
Kerry Rushin Miller (1 of the 1st African American Freshman to matriculate and graduate from UGA) -
Claire Campbell - Athena Studios
Rev. Yvonne Shinhoster Lamb - Athena Studios
Asst. Director Candace Haynes and Crew - Athena Studios
Harold & Kara Waters - Athena Studios
David Matthews-Morgan - Athena Studios
WTDL - 1st movie production to film at Athena Studios

  Exec Prod / Director Beauty Muñoz on set w/ Nawanna Miller  

In 1970, PAMOJA - consisting of five on-campus, student-led performing arts and journalism organizations, was founded at UGA by a young college sophomore named Nawanna Lewis. Flourishing for more than 50 years, these organizations have played a central role in creating a sense of belonging, inclusion, and unity for countless students of color and has triumphed in tearing down cultural barriers at UGA. WTDL shares interwoven experiences of students across 50 years who've been members of these five (5) groups of Pamoja and who've been thusly impacted by young Nawanna Lewis' courage to create and celebrate culture through performing arts and journalism.  Many alumni, some who are now well into their 70’s, credit Pamoja with their occupation, career success, and their general sanity while navigating the PWI campus life and faculty of UGA. From award-winning journalists, film-television-music entertainers, to best-selling authors, professors of higher education, international recording artists, public figures, and professionals from all walks of life, this film is a collection of their stories. With personal accounts from UGA Alumni spanning five decades, this film is also a testament to advancements the University of Georgia has made in terms of campus unity, community, and inclusion.  



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